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Age: 23
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 111 lbs
Height: 5ft 8in
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English
Statistics: B-Cup


Blonde, attractive, well toned skin with not even one pimple on it, silky thighs, long tapered legs, beautiful piano player fingers, clear hazel eyes, long neat hair, crazy experience that makes the Karma Sutra fade in comparison, lovely, the kind of lady a strong man likes to lift and wallop to bed with her. My name is Briahna and if you make that call right now, I will be all yours and show you a kinky and attractive side of Las Vegas that you never thought existed. My trade is to make clients happy and once I have you in my arms, it does not matter how young or old you are because in a few minutes, I will have you reeling in pleasure. Do you prefer that I do a strip tease for you in your hotel room that will drive you to the edge of your seat with desire? Or would you love a lap dance such as you have always seen in night clubs? I am ready to give you the time of your life in Vegas. After I am done with you, you will never look at pleasure the same way again and the word mediocre will never exist in your pleasure vocabulary again. I am 23 years old, a fit 5 ft 8 inches, model height and I am American by nationality. Like the famous American steak, I am the best, minus the fat. As well as give you the pleasure run of your life, I am also good at offering massage sessions at my clients for an extra fee. I know different techniques of massage, yes including the most famous massages. I also know how to create romance where there is none. Have you come out of a long relationship and are feeling lost and useless? You are not useless! No man is useless, and Briahna is the kind of woman that you need to bring you back to life with a jolt. I dare you to call me today and see the kind of package that I come with. As most of my clients tell me... to say I am lovely is an understatement. However, not being one to play my own trumpet, I dare you to call me and find out, now! Will you be up to the task? Briahna gives more than enough value for money. You need to call me now.