A Las Vegas guide For Man

Are you planning a boy’s trip to Sin City? Have you have been searching for a complete Las Vegas guide for men? At Sin City Experience, we are here to help. Las Vegas is a force of nature, a bustling metropolis filled with decadence and debauchery – it is known as Sin City after all. Showgirls, casinos, beautiful women, world-class shows, strip clubs, all-you-can-eat buffets - Las Vegas certainly has a lot to offer. So where do you begin? Here are some valuable tips to help you get the most out of your trip to Las Vegas.


A Las Vegas guide for man

As for where to stay, it is preferable to stay on the Strip. The Strip is where most of the action is and if you are staying on the strip everything you need is within walking distance. Great hotels include MGM, Treasure Island, The Bellagio and Paris. However, anything located on the Strip is a good starting point. If you have the opportunity, plan your trip mid-week. Vegas is bustling 7 days a week, so you won’t miss a thing. What you will get mid-week is cheaper prices on hotel rooms! If you are staying central, you can usually walk between casinos and hotspots – however, hiring a car can come in handy. All casinos have free parking, both valet and self-parking, so if you prefer to drive… there is no extra cost for parking. The less you pay on transport and hotels, the more you can spend on the finer things in life.


If you are ready to hit the gaming floors and start gambling, Vegas is the perfect place to be. Most casinos will offer gambling lessons, so if you are feeling rusty it might be wise to brush up on your skills before you hit the floor. Learning more about a variety of games can pay off in the end and if you are considering gambling at all – it can only help. It is commonly known that you can usually get free drinks while gambling, but this doesn’t just mean alcoholic beverages. You can also get coffee, tea and juice. If you are trying to stay sharp while playing poker or blackjack, it might be wise to skip the free booze! Whatever you plan on doing in Vegas, don’t gamble more than you can afford to. It’s important to set a budget for you gambling – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that includes your hard earned cash if you lose it!


A Las Vegas guide for man

What kind of Las Vegas guide for men would this be if we didn’t talk about women? Vegas is well known for beautiful women, amazing strippers and gorgeous showgirls. It’s only natural that you would want to experience their beauty for yourself. When you are planning your next Las Vegas trip, there are a few tips that can take your jaunt from awesome to epic. For example, if you are planning on going to a strip club, don’t take a taxi like a chump… take a limo! Most strip clubs will send a limo to pick you up and take you to their club, it’s a free ride and it’s definitely better (and cheaper) than a cab. Why not ride in style? Another important tip, make sure you shower before you hit the strip clubs. Show some respect for the dancers by not stinking of stale cigar smoke and sweat, trust us – they will appreciate it.

If you are looking to meet some lovely ladies at a hot Vegas club, it’s good to remember that nightclubs in Vegas work on a ratio system. To keep their clubs from becoming a ‘sausage fest’, owners will enforce a girl-to-guy ratio system. If you are planning a boy’s weekend or a bachelor party, remember that when you are trying to get into a club to meet girls it will be easier to get in if you split up. You can meet up again once you are inside, but to get in the best bet is to split up and find some girls who are also waiting to get inside – who knows? These girls might end up partying with you all night. There are always women out there who are looking for the company of men, so don’t be shy. It’s important to remember that women come to Vegas to let loose too!

If it’s getting late and you want a foolproof way to enjoy the company of a gorgeous woman? Why not consider an escort. Sin City Experience handpicks the most exquisite and skilled escorts you will find in Vegas - and there is no striking out with these smoking hot girls. Adding an escort to your trip is also helpful, as each escort knows her way around Vegas, it’s like having your own personal concierge. An escort can show you the hottest places in Las Vegas to see and be seen, as well as show you a good time in ways you can only imagine! Viva Las Vegas!

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